Conditions For Guest Disc Jockeys and Live Bands

1. Disc Jockeys must NOT use any samplers or effects of sirens as it is the emergency distress signal to the Harbour Police.

2. Volume levels while on board will be at the sole discretion of the ship manager. Client will be informed of the rules in writing prior to the cruise. It is the client’s sole responsibility to inform his/her DJ/DJs of these rules by giving the written courtesy notices to the DJ/DJs (courtesy notices will be given to the client by the ship manager during the cruise).

Failure to IMMEDIATELY follow our directions WILL result in power to the sound system being shut down for the remainder of cruise and there will be no refunds.

3. Disc Jockey or Band member must play the marine safety announcement supplied by the ship’s manager in an uninterrupted, clear, loud & audible manner as directed by 416-CRUISES.

4. Client and his/her representatives are responsible for attending court and payments of any fines or tickets issued to the ship, if the noise by-laws are broken.

5. Included in your sound system rental fee is an onboard technician. Client and his/her representatives must follow our technician’s instructions.

6. Any damage to our sound system by the client or his/her representative and/or guests are the liability of the client and will be charged to the client and deemed payable to us immediately.

7. The client, his/her DJs, Live Bands and any representatives including suppliers are NOT PERMITTED to bring ANY beverages on board. Should anyone fail to comply and attempt to bring beverages on board, they will be denied entry and there will be no refunds. In this instance we reserve the right to cancel the cruise with NO refund issued, and any and all monies owed to us will be deemed earned and payable immediately, such monies will include the minimum number of guests charge.

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